Farmer’s Day Raffle 2023

Official Rules

Union Area Chamber of Commerce

  1. These Official Contest Rules may not be waived, modified, or supplemented except by the Union Area Chamber of Commerce (UACC). No modification of these official contest rules shall be enforceable unless made by the UACC.
  2. The raffle drawing shall be held during the Farmer’s Day celebration in Union, West Virginia, June 3, 2023.  In the event of modifications to schedule due to weather or unforeseen circumstance, the drawing will occur via live streaming on Facebook.
  3. Each ticket will be entered separately in the drawing. Each ticket is a separate and equal chance to win the specified prizes. Winner of early bird drawing will still be eligible for June 3, 2023 drawing.
  4. Winners have 30 days to take delivery of their prizes, or forfeit all claims thereto.
  5. If not present, winner notification will be made by telephone, email, or mail.
  6. All tickets sold will be numbered. A paper version of each ticket ordered online will be created and included with the other sold tickets.  All tickets will be of similar design and color to preclude any noticeable difference in the tickets.  All winning tickets will be selected in front of witnesses on Farmer’s Day, June 3, 2023.
  7. Participant must be at least 18 years old. Winner may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility at the discretion of the UACC.  All winners must sign a “Winner Sign Off Sheet” and include their social security number (required by the state of WV). 
  8. Winner is solely responsible for all taxes, registration, title, transfer fees, license duties, insurance and all expenses in claiming, registering and using any of the prizes. 
  9. UACC reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time, in which event its liability is limited to refund of ticket prices to participants.
  10. Any person who engages in conduct designed to corrupt the outcome of a charitable gaming activity with the purpose to defraud, or knowing that he is facilitating a fraud, will be disqualified from the raffle and turned into the appropriate authorities.
  11. In the event too few tickets are purchased to make this a viable and profitable raffle, the UACC reserves the right to reduce the prizes to be paid. The UACC President maintains sole discretion as to the manner in which the prizes will be reduced. This action will only be implemented to prevent a monetary loss to the UACC.  If this contingency is enacted, it will be announced publicly before the prize drawing begins.
  12. All proceeds benefit the UACC, a non-profit organization, WV Business Account number 2274-3768, FEIN 80-0508616.


Michelle McFall

President, Union Area Chamber of Commerce